Procedure for Transfer of Players

Step by Step Guide to Player transfers between Clubs

The full League rule is described in Rule 18.H as shown in the current Handbook.

This is a summary of the procedure which MUST be followed.

STEP 1.      Football Association Rule C requires you contact the player’s existing club BEFORE you take any other action.  …..

                    Any Club wishing to approach a Player registered with or having played for any other Club must give the secretary of each such Club, seven days’ formal written notice of the intention to approach the Player.”

STEP 2.   You must satisfy yourself that the player you wish to sign, has ‘discharged all reasonable obligations’ to his current club                 and has returned any kit belonging to them that was in his/her possession. You should request this information from the player or his/her parents direct.

STEP 3.    Complete TWO new League Registration Cards The new cards require the Player’s photograph on the front.

STEP 4.   (A)  Search for the player on the FA Player Registration System and follow the instructions.

                        (B) Complete League form TAN 4 and proceed as follows:-

STEP 5.    Send these items to the League's Senior Registration Secretary (who alone now deals with all transfers).

                i.        One copy of form TAN 4 with part 1 completed. This can be submitted by e-mail.

                ii.       Two identical League ID registration cards (fully completed and with photos attached). 

                iii.       An administration fee of £10.00. This fee can be paid by bank transfer* but if so please quote the Age Group for                                the player using a reference such as TRF u13 or TRF u8 etc.                             

                               *Tandridge Youth League - Sort Code 77-29-18   Account No 40728560

                              iv.       Stamped Addressed Envelope (for the return of the new I.D. card once the transfer is complete).                                                                                                                                                                                                           

     NB – If you have not followed all these steps, then do not expect the transfer to proceed smoothly. If you attempt a ‘short cut’ our                     experience proves that you will invariably only succeed in slowing this process down.

    STEP 6.     The Senior Registration Secretary will forward the TAN 4 to the Secretary of the club with whom the player is currently registered..

        STEP 7.  The club receiving the TAN 4 must:-

                 i.      Complete either part 2 or part 3 of the form and return it to the Senior Registration Secretary within seven days of                         receipt.

                               (This Club will be deemed to have received the TAN 4 one day after posting by the Registration Secretary, or the                         next day if sent by e-mail).                                                       

              ii.       This Club must also send the current player ID card back to the Senior Registration Secretary.  

NB I.D. cards must not be passed from one club to another, but must in every case be returned to the Senior Registration Secretary.

                 Should a Club object to the transfer it should state its objections in writing to the Senior Registration Secretary and to                          the player concerned within seven days of receipt of the transfer form.    

STEP 8    On receipt of the Tan 4, or after 7 days if nothing heard, the Senior Registration Secretary will complete the transfer and                      will post the new ID card to the new club.

                             In the event of an objection to a transfer, the matter shall be referred to the Management Committee. However, an allegation of                              an illegal approach must be submitted to the relevant County Association and confirmed to the League using form TAN 6.

In the case of a transfer of a player between two teams in the same Club, a TAN 4 must still be completed, albeit signed by only one Club Secretary. The administration fee is waived but the transfer will be recorded as such and all other provisions of Rule 18H shall apply, as for a transfer between different clubs.