League Requirements

U11 - U17/18 (Full process for U7-U10 age groups to be confirmed)

The League require you to complete Player Registration Cards (ID cards). You will need to write the FAN number allocated to each player by WGS on the back of the card, but you do NOT need to wait until you have submitted players to the WGS Competition Portal before sending us the following.

Registration Cards

The League requires TWO fully completed registration cards for each player. Both cards are the same, so require the same detail to be completed back and front and both should be sent in to the relevant Registration Secretary for their age group. One card will be retained and one will be laminated and returned to you in due course. This season the cards are pale blue in colour.



The League requires 2 copies of identical photos, which must be current and up to date.  Photos need to be similar to Passport requirements with the face or head not obscured in any way, for example not wearing hats, hoods, sunglasses or scarves. The two photos should be glued to the Registration Cards. You will also need to upload a photo to WGS.

Signature by Club Official

Each registration card also requires the signature of a Club Official on the back, to confirm its accuracy.

FAN Number

The player’s FAN Number should be written on the back of the card which will act as confirmation that the player is recorded on WGS. Without a FAN Number on the card, it will be returned to you unregistered.

For players who have not previously played in this league, we also require you to send us a copy of the proof of age which you obtain as part of your own registration process, for example a birth certificate or passport.

Submission to the League:

Please SUBMIT THESE items to the appropriate Registration Secretary.

1) Two fully completed, signed registration cards with photos attached.

2) Last season’s ID cards, if they are existing players

3) Evidence of age for any player not previously known to have played in this league, or for a player not registered in this league during the previous season

4) Sturdy stamped addressed envelope for the return of your laminated ID cards.


To be eligible to play in the first game of the season in September, the correctly completed registration documents must be received by the Registration Secretary by the Friday, nine days earlier.


To be eligible to play on any subsequent Sunday, the correctly completed registration documents must be received by the Registration Secretary on the previous Monday (Or, if posted on the Monday and received on the Tuesday by Royal Mail, that will normally suffice).



1)    Evidence of age is only required for players not previously registered with the League or that have had a break from the League of more than one season

2)    Envelopes need to be sturdy with the correct postage when sending your Registrations to the Registration Secretaries. The same applies to the stamped addressed envelope you need to provide for the laminated cards to be sent back to you.

3)    Inadequate postage will cause delays in registration and could result in envelopes being held at a Sorting Office until an additional fee is paid. In some cases damage to unsuitable flimsy envelopes could result in Registration Cards being lost in the post.

4)    Cards SHOULD NOT be sent by Recorded, Registered or 'Signed For' post. That's because Registration Secretaries work and will   often not be at home to sign for envelopes. This will result in your cards being held at a Sorting Office leading to delays in getting   your cards back to you, whilst a delivery has to be re-arranged.


Player Registration System on the Whole Game System (WGS)

For help with all aspects of Registrations on WGS, there is The FA Grassroots Technology Knowledge Base and items on the County FA websites.

Each club must add the details of every one of their players directly to your CLUB PORTAL. When the FA have completed their migration to this season, then players which you added last season should still be in your Club Portal.

When you have satisfied the FA requirements and each 'box' on a player's record has turned 'green',then:

SUBMIT that player to the League's COMPETITION PORTAL.